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ModelMaxfun 10
Maxfun 10 Pro
PictureMaxfun 10 Pro Color
ColorGreenBlue / Red
Top Speed40 MPH45 MPH
Max Range40 Miles65 Miles
Max Load330 lbs330 lbs
Shock AbsorberNon adjustableNon adjustable
Wheel Size10×3 inches10×3 inches
Motor1000W Dual Hub Motor1500W Dual Hub Motor
Battery52V 23Ah 72V 24Ah
Charger13-14 Hours (Single Charger)
6-7 Hours (Two Chargers)
13-14 Hours (Single Charger)
6-7 Hours (Two Chargers)
TirePneumatic tires E-Fire Pneumatic Tires
BrakeDual Hydraulic BrakeNUTT Dual Hydraulic Brake
ThrottleThumb ThrottleThumb Throttle
Geometry1320 x 700 x 1280mm (unfold)1320 x 700 x 1280mm (unfold)
Where to ride?As an off-road adventurer, it suits trails, hilly areas, bumpy roads, can conquering all terrains.Long-distance travel in various scenarios, stable and fast!
Who it is for?A rider who wants to try out fast, exciting rides.Bigger riders who seek a blast and long-distance comfortable ride.
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