Maximize Fun and Freedom: Zip Around Long Beach on Stylish Maxfun 10 Pro Scooter!

Situated in Los Angeles county, California, U.S., Long Beach is a city and port located on San Pedro Bay, approximately 22 miles (35 km) south of Los Angeles. It encompasses the independent city of Signal Hill and was initially established as a trading camp for Native Americans.

This cycling route starts from begins at The Pike Outlets in Long Beach and traverses along Shoreline Drive to Marina Green Park before heading on Alamitos Avenue into Signal Hill.  Sites include The Pike Outlets, Long Beach Aquarium, Marina Green Park, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Alamitos Avenue, Signal Hill, Hilltop Park, Long Beach eXchange (LBX) The Hangar, Heartwell Park, San Gabriel River Bike Path, Turtle Creek, Alamitos Bay Marina, 2nd & PCH, Naples Island, and Junipero Beach.

Selecting the appropriate electric scooter for this particular route is essential. The Maxfun 10 Pro 72V electric scooter boasts impressive power, thanks to its 1500W*2 dual hub motor, excellent traction with its 10 3.0PMT tires, and a robust engine capable of tackling steep inclines. This enables you to venture further and explore more, providing the extended range necessary to accommodate your requirements. Let’s delve into the features of the Maxfun 10 Pro electric scooter and embark on an enjoyable journey to Long Beach.

Center of Gravity

Maxfun 10 Pro 72V electric scooter is a high-performance electric scooter that runs on electricity. It is equipped with a powerful 1500W*2 lithium battery, which provides a consistent power output and an impressive range of about 70miles. Its dual hydraulic brake and ABS system ensure safe and smooth braking, while the PMT 10 X 3.0 road tires offer a comfortable and secure ride. Additionally, the scooter’s stable body structure, made from aviation-grade aluminum 8062 using forging process, provides peace of mind for worry-free driving.

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