What is the Real Cost of Riding an Electric Scooter Compared to Driving a Car?

No one wants to sit in traffic for long hours in a car, especially when there is a time constraint. Year after year, new means of transportation have evolved, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. If you have ever thought of replacing your car with a faster and more affordable means of movement, then it’s time you do so. Electric scooter comes when commuters need to beat the traffic, save costs, and ride with fun. Thankfully, this 21st century features e-scooters providing more versatility and solving all these problems even more.

With a rough estimate of the cost of riding a motorized scooter compared to a car, you will find that you must keep paying even after purchasing a car. This gives better insights into whether it’s time to make a compelling call to ditch your vehicle for the Maxfun electric scooter.


Before we go into the cost implications of owning and riding one, we need to know about the electric scooter. Primarily, their design is supposed to replace public transportation and driving of your car, especially within your neighborhood. Electric scooters are more fun to ride and can get you to your destination quicker and without hassles. The two-wheel automobile runs majorly on batteries and does not pose much of a problem regarding parking, unlike your car. Studies have shown that people who own cars and electric scooters for adults will choose to ride their motor scooters 90% of the time. This result goes to show the many advantages the electric scooter brings. A commuter motorized scooter is slightly different because its build favors long-distance commuting. They are more comfortable to ride, and their battery lasts longer; hence they can go farther than your cars.


It’s important to look at some areas where owning a motorized scooter is cheaper than owning a car. The actual car price is only some of what you pay at the point of purchase. As a car owner, you incur other overhead costs not applicable for electric scooters. Let’s get to them:


From the get-go, you can spend about $20,000-$40,000 to purchase a luxury car if you don’t already have one. This is way more expensive than an adult scooter. You may type ‘How much is a scooter on your search engine to get an idea of how much you need. E-Scooter’s costs range from $1000 to $2,000 at Maxfun, which is a better investment than a car.


Cars run on gas, while electric scooters for adults travel several miles with a fully charged battery. With a full gas tank, your car can only last hours of driving before refilling. However, a motorized scooter battery doesn’t cost much; with a charging cable and a power source, you would have a full battery soon enough. Compare this to driving your car which gas alone equates to a cost of $0.15/mile. This is yet another area where an adult scooter is more cost-effective than a car. If you think this is not a fair comparison, remember there are gas-powered scooters for adults. These electric scooters for adults run on gas but are still 200 times cheaper than driving a car. Gas e scooters generally function more effectively than battery-powered scooters, but both costs are almost equal.


Cars generally come with a monthly payment of hundreds of dollars, equating to thousands in a year. If you decide to insure your electric scooter (which is advisable), you will only be spending only a tenth of what you spend on your car insurance as insurance for your motorized scooter. If you get lucky as a car driver and never get to file a claim, you can lose monthly money for insurance. Wouldn’t it hurt less if you did not pay so much as a monthly insurance fee?


One of the perks that come with riding an adult scooter is that you get to enjoy free parking spaces. While cars require that you pay a specific fee every time you park, an electric scooter only needs you to find an area on the sidewalk where you can safely lock it in. With a car, there is every possibility that you would get a ticket for wrong parking at some point, but this is never a concern with an electrical scooter. So, on your way to work, school, or the store, look for parking spaces on the sidewalk where you can safely park your best electric scooter and walk to your destination.


If you are in a different city or state for a visit, you need something to get you around. Another example is when your car is under repairs or inspection, and you must commute to work or other places. If you have taken out public transport as a means of movement, you are most likely considering renting a car. Here’s some advice that could help; do not do it! You spend more money on a car rental than an adult scooter. So pay less attention to your comfort and more to your pocket.


Depreciation is a phenomenon whereby cars start losing their value from the day of purchase. It is derived mathematically by subtracting the selling price of the used car from how much you bought it as a new car. It is always 50% of the initial cost price after five years of use. Thankfully, motor scooters depreciate slower than cars do. They still retain almost their initial value even after some years of riding. Another plus is that you can easily pimp up a used scooter so that it looks new without spending so much.


There will always be things to buy, repair, and upgrade, and these accessories are costly for cars. Several routine checkups need to be done, some of which are daily. A mechanic’s services are usually required, for which you will also pay. At the end of the month, you find yourself paying almost a thousand dollars for these. It is different for scooters. The total cost of e scooter maintenance can never be as much as the purchase cost. If it ever gets that high, you can leave the adult scooter at the mechanic workshop and get a new one for the same amount.


Several motor scooters in the market do not cost an arm and a leg, but you need to carefully consider your options before making a choice. The Maxfun dual motor electrical scooter is a perfect example of a cost-effective electric scooter. Firstly, it costs only $1,700 for a new one, which is relatively cheaper than the ones in the market with the exact specifications. 

Maxfun has 1kw of battery capacity and can go for about 45 miles per charge. If you factor in the cost of charging it fully, it would be $0.15 per charge, which amounts to $0.004 per mile. This gives you a commuting distance of 30,000 miles throughout the battery’s life span, amounting to $0.03-$0.06 for every mile.  All in all, the real various cost of driving your car could be as high as $13/mile.

Affordable right? With the Maxfun, you avoid the cost of purchasing and maintaining a car and still have the best commuting experience. 


Saving up to buy a car is good, but it can surprise you to realize other never-ending costs come with this purchase. In comparing the cost-effectiveness of a car and an adult scooter, consider the factors above and make a choice that would not cost you gravely.

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