How Do You Get Rust Off Your Electric Scooter

The benefits of using an electric scooter are enormous, which is why most people have embraced this automobile as a means of movement. Cars and power bikes might seem comfortable for use, but they emit carbon gasses that harm the environment and people in the neighborhood. They are also not easily recyclable and pose some risk to the ecosystem when they have lived their lifespan. People enjoy all these perks and more from using an electric scooter. Scooters do not emit harmful gases, and their batteries are easily recyclable. They are also the best option if you want to beat the traffic on your way to work or an appointment.

However, scooter metal is more prone to rust and corrosion when they aren’t cared for.

Once they are rusted, they will continue to get worse. Rust is the equivalent of cancer for an electric scooter. How to remove rust and protect scooter parts is what we will be discussing in this article.


Keeping your electric scooter running and active is easy if you adhere to specific tips. Electric scooters are prone to rust like every other automobile with metal parts. As weird as it sounds, it is an everyday experience for some riders who have not taken extra measures to evade rust. Some things to know before taking your scooter off-road, some things to know are that rust impacts it in more ways than you can imagine.

It’s hard to park and abandon your scooter in the garage. You would prefer to take it for a ride every so often, exposing your scooter to harsh weather while moving through the rain and the snow. It would get badly rusted if you do not intentionally look after it and learn how to remove rust. Most people think rust isn’t dangerous to the scooter and the rider. Sadly not, rust can pose certain risks, and it is only wise that you know them:

  • Rust weakens the affected metals, and your electric scooter will become less effective over time.
  • Rust can destroy the magnetic properties of the metals in your scooter, affecting its overall functions.
  • Rust can make the moving parts of your electric scooter stuck together when trying to move over each other, leaving you at significant risk.
  • Rust insulates scooter metals like iron which reduces its conductivity, making your scooter function poorly.


If your scooter functions poorly, you should know something is mechanically wrong. The best way to solve this is to trace the problem to find the root cause. It is likely because of rust and its many impacts on your electric scooter. Ideally, you understand why your scooter is prone to surface rust.

Electric scooters are prone to surface rust because 80% of their parts are steel produced with iron. You may think that waterproofing solves the problem of rusting. This is partially true due to the different extents of each electric scooter’s waterproofing. As technology advances, the yearly remodeling of scooters has been to improve waterproofing, and now we hardly have a scooter without some level of waterproofing. The Maxfun Electric Scooters with aluminum alloy offers improved protection from rust.

To decipher how much rust your scooter can prevent by understanding the IP rating. This rating explains the susceptibility of your electric scooter to corrosion, and it is sometimes an inscription on the metal parts of the scooter. If not, you can enquire from Maxfun Scooters when you purchase for appropriate guidance. An electric scooter with an IP rating of 66, i.e., IP66, assures maximum rust protection. You can rest assured that it will perform great in wet weather conditions. In all you do, ensure you do not purchase an electric scooter with a rating less than IP54, as this gives essential protection to your scooter.

Maxfun commoter e scooter


The best way to ensure protection for your scooter is to prevent damage in the first place. Since most of the metal parts of an electric scooter are prone to corrosion, we can focus on protecting those parts. If your scooter already has some rust on it, you can quickly try to remove rust on the scooter parts affected. This can be achieved by painting or using lubricants on the affected portions. Since prevention is better than cure, we recommend protecting your scooter from rust. Implementing proper maintenance on your scooter is easier and more cost-effective than removing rust later on.

Here are some steps you can adopt to protect your scooter:


Rust needs water to manifest, so if you consciously avoid leaving your scooter wet, you can prevent rust. A dehumidifier will come in handy if you keep your scooter in the garage or in storage for a long time. Ensure you wipe it dry with a clean cloth after every ride, paying attention to the metallic portions. It is the easiest tip and the least you can do.


Unlike the tip above, this requires that you spend some extra dollars to purchase a protective coating. The coating can significantly reduce the speed at which rusting will form and leave your electric scooter with a lovely shine. The regular clear coating prevents rust but is less effective than a protective coating. You can find one in any automobile store close to you.


Stainless steel contains chromium which oxidizes faster. When the oxygen molecule in the air meets chromium, a protective layer forms on the metal that protects it from rust. Stainless steel is always better to purchase, not just for electric scooters.


An anti-corrosion spray is a tiny bottle of wonders, and it can take your electric scooter from zero to a hundred very quickly. You can purchase one from any automobile shop and spray it on your scooter to prevent rust. The spray performs three functions in one. It serves as a protective coat, a lubricant, and a cleanser at the same time. Please note that the spray is supposed to dry entirely on the scooter’s body so that it doesn’t become sticky when you handle it. Therefore, you should apply it in the evening, so it dries through the night.


Lubricants can turn things around for your electric scooter. They ensure lush, shine and generally preserve the health of your scooter in numerous ways. They keep the nuts and bolts in place and are not chapped. Lubrication protects scooter parts making every ride worth the time.


Air, moisture, and metal are the basic corrosion materials. If one or more of them are absent, the metal parts of your electric scooter are not likely to get rusted. In light of this, if you judiciously apply advanced maintenance, your electric scooter will last long without rust. It is possible to have a rust-free scooter that would leave people asking for your secret tips for a clean ride. Rust is a process that takes some time to become noticeable to the eyes, so you should consider purchasing a scooter that has been tested and tried. All Maxfun scooters are sure to stand the test of time.

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