Electric Scooter with or without a Seat, what is the difference?

The electric scooter is a cheap, convenient, and exciting means of transportation that can move users. The user can ride it to any place, whether on a busy road or an empty country road, it can make the user happy. Riding an electric scooter makes people feel as easy and exciting as skiing on the road. For people who have difficulty walking, it is even more of a benefit, allowing them to experience the feeling of independence and freedom. Nowadays, electric vehicles are sought after by more and more people because it is very environmentally friendly. It consumes neither gasoline nor other petroleum-based fuels, so it is cheap and less burdensome, and it is also very environmentally friendly. As we all know, the world’s first electric scooter was born in 2001. It was produced by Go-Ped. Since then, more and more companies have followed suit. More and more styles, colors, and patterns have appeared in the Electric Scooters Shop, and even adults electric scooters with seats have appeared. But what is the difference between the electric scooter with a seat or without a seat?

Electric Scooter with a seat VS Electric Scooter without a seat:

  1. Weight and portability

Under normal circumstances, electric scooters without seats are lighter than electric scooters with seats, and those without seats are generally foldable. So, imagine if you need to lift an electric scooter into the car, which one do you think is easier? And if you want to take an electric scooter to travel, you need to put it in the trunk of the car; then which one do you think can help you save space in the trunk so that you can put other luggage? Or you are a smaller lady with a lighter weight and definitely not as strong as a man. At this time, you will choose to get an electric scooter that is “threatening” to your weight or choose an electric scooter that you can easily lift? According to the survey, many office workers will choose to use electric scooters as their last-mile scooter, so they will choose to take public transportation to a certain point and then ride the electric scooter to the company. So, if you select a heavy-weight electric scooter to get on and off public transportation, it will be very inconvenient. It will even cause you to be too physically exhausted to affect your working mood during the day. And it is understood that if the company in the urban area is a foldable electric scooter, it can be placed in the office. You don’t need to worry about whether your electric scooter is exposed to the sun or rain. Looking at it this way, electric scooters without seats are more advantageous than electric scooters with seats in terms of weight and lightness.

  1. Bearing capacity

If you are an overweight adult, you will consider its bearing capacity when choosing an electric scooter, whether it can bear your weight and maintain stability during riding, which can ensure your Safety. Then the load-bearing capacity of a seatless electric scooter is stronger than the load-bearing capacity of an electric scooter with seats. For example, Maxfun’s two electric scooters can bear between 250-330 pounds, which meets the needs of most overweight adults. If you go out on an electric scooter like this, you can not only guarantee the time to your destination but also let you breathe fresh air and make you feel better. More importantly, you no longer have to worry about squeezing into a bus, train, or even car with such an electric scooter because of your body shape. And there is no need to walk in a hurry to catch up with public transportation, causing sweating and a faster heartbeat.

  1. Off-road

Today’s electric scooters are not only a means of transportation but also “tools” used by young people to cross-country. If you are a person who likes off-roading and thrills, or you are a person who wants to travel while working and off-road in your spare time, then you must choose an electric off-road scooter without seats. Because they can brake quickly, turn sharply and have super climbing and riding speeds. For example, Maxfun’s electric scooters, the dual 1500W hub motors on the wheels, can provide a peak power output of 3000W, powered by a speed controller, and always maintain the best performance the electric scooters. The front and rear independent suspension can significantly absorb the discomfort caused by rough roads. Maxfun’s scooter adopts an independent suspension system to absorb more bumps and keep your riding stable and stable. It also has an upgraded version of dual hydraulic brakes for stronger, easier braking and longer service life. The sealing system works well under any riding conditions. The design of the double-disc brake is efficient braking force, better heat dissipation, stable in both wet and dry conditions, which can guarantee your safety. In addition, the decks of Maxfun’s electric scooters all use a wider deck. The 9.1-inch-wide deck provides enough space for your feet to stand side by side, which is stable and safe.

In summary, electric scooters without seats are better than electric scooters with seats in terms of weight, portability, bearing capacity and off-road entertainment.

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